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Shaan Technologies (Pvt) Limited is manufactures of Creative and Innovative LED and Solar based Products since 1998 in Pakistan also engaged in Contract manufacturing of Electronic circuit boards, Electro-mechanical assemblies, PCB, Panel & Based LEDs for multi-purpose lighting applications. Designing, developing and manufacturing of solar panels and solar energy systems. Further, we are also affiliated with LEDtronics inc. (USA) which has been leader of designing and manufacturing of Environment friendly LED based products since 1983.

ECO friendly Organization

ShaanTech is the first industry in Pakistan to replace energy inefficient and Mercury contained fluorescent tube lights and lamps with energy efficient, non-toxin, reduced maintenance and longer life cycle LED Lights. At present our 80% operational lights are LED based. A 1.5 Kilowatt Solar Panel Bank provides sufficient power to energize LED Lights. By using solar powered LED lamps, ShaanTech not only reduced their electricity bill but is also doing its small part in support of the Go Green Revolution aimed at reducing the carbon foot print on the Earth.

Contract Manufacturing

From its very first day ShaanTech has strived to promote a positive image of Pakistan. Maintaining this philosophical mission ShaanTech launched a new production line dedicated to the manufacturing of Solar Panels in 2011.This production line is capable of producing Megawatt Solar Panels covering a wide Megawatt range. ShaanTech is manufacturing business decision will result in an economic climate which will both directly and indirectly create a positive impact on the level of employment in Pakistan. Every ShaanTech manufactured solar panel is completely designed and manufactured in Pakistan under guidance and technological support of LEDtronics.Inc. North America.


  • Provide Clean, Energy Efficient & Environmentally Safe LED Lighting and Solar Energy Panels
  • Utilize Our Innovative Skills to Address Our Customer's Need
  • Present the Correct and Most Beneficial Solution for Our Customer's Need
  • Make Available Our Technical Resources When Needed Well After the Sale

Let the Shaan Technologies Team present to you solutions to your lighting needs with LED Clean Lighting Products and Energy Safe Solar Panels. Both provide energy efficiency, savings, reduced maintenance and long-term sustainability with Safe & Healthy LED Lighting and Solar Panel Energy.

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